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Dave Vincent arrested!

Hey all

Gen posted on their myspace about Dave Vincent of Genitorturers and Morbid Angel getting arrested in Italy. Per her post:


I received an interesting call from our bassist Evil D aka David Vincent today from Italy. D is currently over in Europe on tour with his other band Morbid Angel. They had just flown in from a big festival in Slovenia to Italy where they were connecting to go to play in Athens Greece. Apparently the officials at the airport confiscated David's checked luggage and arrested him on "weapons" charges due one of his stage costume pieces,............ essentially a bullet belt.. that IS NOT even made of real bullets !!!@

Needless to say he was arrested, jailed and had to obtain a lawyer in order to be released... which thankfully he was in time to make his flight to Athens. so YES he will be at the festival tomorrow in Athens Greece.

Recently with Genitorturers I had a similar incident when we were flying back from our Australian tour. I had bought what i thought was a pretty fuckin cool ass "Bling" belt buckle that was essentially in the shape of a gun.. with bling diamonds all over it. I mean seriously. she asked me " Can you tell me about the weapon in your suitcase.? .. and i was thinking.. my riding crop? .. um my whip? ,,...strap on? what the hell is she talking about.?? The belt was in my carry on and the airport screener actually getting ready to arrest me as well until a more clear headed supervisor came over & took one look at the belt and laughed.

Anyway.. here is an excerpt from the news piece today...


Author and Metal Hammer reporter Joel McIver received an unexpected phone call in the evening of Tuesday, July 8 from MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent. "I was arrested in Italy today — and charged with a weapons offense," explained the furious singer. Vincent went on to explain that the veteran death metal outfit had arrived at Milan airport that morning for a flight to Greece, but that he was detained after customs officials found a bullet-belt inside his checked-in luggage.

Arrested and escorted by a group of 15 to 20 armed police officers to a holding cell, Vincent endured over two and a half hours of questioning before being released. "I asked them again and again if they were kidding," recalled Vincent, "but they said no. The belt is obviously not made of real bullets. Metal is clearly not fashionable in the fashion centre of Europe." The bullet-belt, given to Vincent in 1989 by the Earache owner Digby Pearson when MORBID ANGEL signed to his label, was confiscated and the singer was charged with an offense that translates approximately as "possession of contraband weapons."

Asked for a statement by McIver, Vincent replied: "My comment is this. For 20 years I've had my same friendly bullet-belt with me at all metal occasions. After 20 years of being a lawless individual, I'm happy that the Keystone Kops of spaghetti western fame have been able to show me the error of my ways." He was given a document requesting his attendance in an Italian court, with the date yet to be decided, and was required to contact a lawyer on his return to the USA in order to arrange his defense. "I doubt very much that I'll ever get the belt back," he fumed down the line from Greece, where his band are playing tomorrow evening (Wednesday, July 9). "We barely made our flight," he added. "We only made it to the plane because we make a point of showing up early at airports in case of bullshit like this."

MORBID ANGEL's upcoming new album currently in production will mark the group's first release to feature David Vincent since 1995's "Domination".
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