Eddie Offermann (eddie_offermann) wrote in fleshisthelaw,
Eddie Offermann

New Years. Don't miss it! (crossposted)

New Years at The Playroom (Orlando)

Every year I throw this party and this year is no exception! Mostly, it's by personal invitation, it is after all my private playspace - but I like to extend the offer to people I may not have had the opportunity to meet yet. Obviously, it's not for everyone but if you think you'd like to come, here's what I'll need from you:

An email. You can send it to theplayroomorlando@gmail.com.

The email should contain a personal introduction - just tell me about yourself and why you're interested in coming to this particular New Years Eve party. Let me know your age because obviously: this is 18 and older. If we've met before and you just don't know where to come (maybe you were here last year and have forgotten the way), tell me that too but jog my memory about who you are.

The important thing is to let me see why you're the sort of person I want at these gatherings - I have a lot of very caring, open-hearted friends with varying levels of experience and interest from the merely curious and fun-loving to everything beyond. In your introduction, let me get a feel for where you fit into that mix.

If you have a picture of yourself, it'll help me recognize you when you arrive so I can greet you accordingly - but it's not necessary.

Attire for these events can vary some, but fetish, sexy, gothic, or formal attire is strongly encouraged - and like my girlfriend said when she was trying to decide what to wear "Less is usually more" for these events for obvious reasons.
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