Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (disgorge) wrote in fleshisthelaw,
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Due to the same reasons I can't take care of this community, the announcement of my chosen replacement has come a little late as well.

After some pep talk from a friend, I've decided to keep the community (because I adore the Genitorturers so much) and try to take a more active roll, BUT since I still have the same ammount of time to maintain this community as I did before (little to none) I'll be taking on a couple of co-mods :) I've decided that I'd like both errlwayne & krypt_kitten to co-mod this community. Hmm.. yes.

I already switched the both of you over to maintainer status. I also cleaned up the member list, removed all the deleted journals, etc. If either of you would like to make a new layout, icons, userinfo, etc, feel free, just check with each other first. I'll let both of you know if and when I plan to make any cosmetic updates to the community. Good luck, and thank you.
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