Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (disgorge) wrote in fleshisthelaw,
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Due to the same reasons I can't take care of this community, the announcement of my chosen replacement has come a little late as well.

After some pep talk from a friend, I've decided to keep the community (because I adore the Genitorturers so much) and try to take a more active roll, BUT since I still have the same ammount of time to maintain this community as I did before (little to none) I'll be taking on a couple of co-mods :) I've decided that I'd like both errlwayne & krypt_kitten to co-mod this community. Hmm.. yes.

I already switched the both of you over to maintainer status. I also cleaned up the member list, removed all the deleted journals, etc. If either of you would like to make a new layout, icons, userinfo, etc, feel free, just check with each other first. I'll let both of you know if and when I plan to make any cosmetic updates to the community. Good luck, and thank you.
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No problem. One thing I would like to do is update the bio info on the band since there have been many changes to the line up including one very recent one. So if it's okay with everyone else I would like to move forward with updating that this weekend.

A suggestion I would like to see how everyone feels about is the screening of comments by moderators to keep spam out since I have occasionally seen porn spam. Nothing against porn, but I don't want to be spammed with it and it's not what this community is for. So I look for feedback from the other maintainers on this.
Thats plenty fine with me.

About the comment screening though - I wonder how exactly that'll work considering this is a co-mod community. I wonder if it'd send the request to all of us, or what. I don't really care either way, but I'd prefer not to have a million comments siting in my mailbox that need to be approved, or alread have been approved by you or Errl, but were sent to me anyways, etc.
yay!!! I'm glad the community is staying :)

Hello from Atlanta.. the only city not on the tour this go round :(