ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote in fleshisthelaw,

after seeing the last post, i thought, well, i have some pix with gen too (sort of, lol) and this is a community for that sorta thing, so...

here is my guitarist/keyboardist (she and i are in the band, Dark Eden) with gen from the show we played with them at the (now-closed) brooklyn music terminal.

unfortunately, that was the only pic any of us took with them, but they were really cool to talk to that night. plus, i was part of their stage show, during "120 days."

anyway, if anybody cares, here's a couple more pix of our performance that night. they let us use their lighting which was really cool, so we looked awesome.

overall, a fun show and the genitorturers were really cool to open for.
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