krypt_kitten (krypt_kitten) wrote in fleshisthelaw,

Webcam/Porn Spam will not be tolerated!

I just deleted an entry that was just posted that was obviously porn/webcam crap and also reported it as spam so it can be dealt with by LiveJournal. The user has also been removed from the community.

As much as I am an open minded person and the Genitorturers are pretty blatantly sexual in nature, porn/webcam spam will not be tolerated in this community and I will delete it as soon as I see it and the user will be banned. I don't care if you promote your band just don't be promoting anything beyond that please. This is a community for sharing our love of the Genitorturers so let's try and keep this music and Genitorturers oriented. Oh and if I don't happen to see it please click on my profile and email me at the address listed since I am a co-moderator and I will take care of it.

If anyone has issue with this please speak up now.
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